In combination with other artists, we call our selves AttemaHaring Extended. We’re developing some new programs at this moment and below you’ll find an overview.

Jorgen van Rijen & DuoAttemaHaring

The duo has performed with Jorgen in many different settings in the past years. For a long time they had plans to make a program as a trio and on the 18th of December, finally they will premiere their first program in Dordrecht. 2 renowned Dutch composers, Chiel Meijering and Florian Maier will write 2 new pieces for this one-of-a-kind ensemble and Jacob ter Veldhuis re-wrote his Tatatata especially for Jorgen and Brandt.

Caroline Cartens  & DuoAttemaHaring

Caroline Cartens is a colourful soprano, specialised in both opera and contemporary repertoire. Astrid has been performing with her for many years. Now the duo is making a program together with Caroline for Kunstmaand Ameland, with music from Sweden till Italy and around a Swedish myth about love and loss.

Miguel Fiol Duran & DuoAttemaHaring

The combination of dance and music is very appealing to the duo. With Miguel Fiol Duran they’ve found a dancer, who fits perfectly to them with his theatrical and creative way of dancing. They’ve worked together before on, but now for Kunstmaand Ameland they’re developing four different short programs, with amongst others music by Radiohead, Arvo Part, John Cage and Diego Ortiz.

World Music Cafe Carinhoso on tour
Miguel Fiol Duran–dance, Ezequiel Menalled–guitar
Martijn Traas–bandoneon, Peter Prommel–percussion 
Wilmar de Visser–double bass, DuoAttemaHaring

For a concert in the series “Tracks” in the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, Astrid and Brandt brought these artists together. The combination of temperament, creativity and the best music from all over the world resulted in a great concert. This season the duo will repeat this concert several times.