about the duo


The debut of this duo was during the 10th World Harp Congress in the Muziekgebouw aan het IJ in Amsterdam. For this festival they made a program with the unique composition “Figur” by Wolfgang Rihms combined with especially for the occasion written pieces by Martijn Padding and Chiel Meijering. The combination of musicians and instruments was so inspiring, that they decided to continue as a duo.

Not only the audience of the harp congress was inspired by this combination, also many composers are. Many well-known Dutch composers have already written for DuoAttemaHaring and there are more pieces to come. Besides these new compositions, Astrid and Brandt adapt existing music from all over the world, to make a balanced and diverse program suitable for each specific situation and audience.

As a duo Astrid and Brandt already played many concerts in countries around the world. They made a tour through Brazil and played concerts in the USA, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Singapore.

One of the goals of the duo is to inspire composers to write for this special combination of instruments and musicians. They especially enjoy to work closely together with the composers during the process of creating the music. Another goal is to connect with other artists and art forms to create new concepts and inspire each other. In this form they’ve performed a world-music program in the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, which was received very positively.